SUFFY Susu Annis Nutricious 500g

RM 28.00 RM 27.00


SUFFY Susu Annis Nutricious 500g

RM 28.00 RM 27.00

  • Suffy Annis Nutricious 1- 3 years (500g)
  • Every kids have their own uniqueness of development especially at the age of 1 – 3 years old.
  • Both kids and the parent have their own consent on their needs.
  • For the Parent, the important of having milk is to get all the nutrition needed by the kid.
  • However, for kids, the important is the taste that delicious.
  • Thanks to Suffy Annis Nutritious, now we have milk that is nutritious and delicious !!!
  • Suffy Annis Nutriticious powdered milk formula is the recommended milk for kids especially to those having sensitive gut.
  • Our milk contains important nutrient and mineral needs for the kids plus it is also included with our new Tri-Guide formulation.
  • Tri-Guide is a specially blend formulation for kids to enhance their appetite, to increase healthy digestion and aids kids brain development. It is the best milk to enhance kids uniqueness development
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