Kapsul Kosong Gelatin (Empty Hard Gelatine Capsule) Halagel 1000 Unit

RM 18.80

Kapsul Kosong Gelatin (Empty Hard Gelatine Capsule) Halagel 1000 Unit

RM 18.80

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What is Gelatin?

Gelatin is basically a processed and refined animal protein, derived from bones, hides and collagenous connective tissues.It has a variety of industrial applications especially those related to food processing, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics & toiletries, photography, printing and many more.

Why gelatin is a sensitive issue?

For the Muslim community, availability of HALAL GELATIN is a very sensitive issue to ensure the consumption of genuinely Halal quality products. Although people use bovine animals, it will be unlawful if it’s not slaughter according to Islamic rules.

Halagel stand on Halal gelatin?

Halagel distributes gelatin only from a factory that produce 100% halal gelatin from halal animal source i.e the factory must not produce halal gelatin in batches as some other factories in the world do. The source of bovine animals must be 100 % halal according to Muslim rules and Halagel is very strict to ensure that each gram of gelatin it sells is from halal gelatin.

Does Halagel® gelatin get Halal approval?

Halagel® Gelatin received Halal approval from Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia (JAKIM). JAKIM officers and also officers from The Department of Veterinary Services conduct their inspection to the gelatin factory in Pakistan every two years. The gelatin will be sold under Halagel® brand.

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