Muslimah Manufacturing

Muslimah Manufacturing’sManaging Director Hajjah Famiza Haji Zulkifli is a mother of four children. She started doing business since a teenager, from selling creative Art Work, providing Delivery Services, Importing and selling Cloth & Clothing, selling assorted dried foods like dates and assorted nuts to establishing a factory producing Halal Skincare, Personal care and Home care products.

In 2006, Famiza started producing soap manually at home as a home based industry and as demand increased she moved her soap making business to a shoplot. After 2 years and business expanded rapidly, she moved Muslimah Manufacturing (Formerly known as Muslimah Skincare & Cosmetics Manufacturing Sdn Bhd) to a factory in Sungai Lalang, Kedah. In 2013 Muslimah Manufacturing (MMSB) moved to KEDAH HALAL PARK which is supported by the State Government in Sungai Petani, Kedah, Malaysia and has been operating there ever since.

Now Muslimah Manufacturing (MMSB) produces more than 100 types of products which includes 24 of MMSB’s own brand and OEM products such as Facial Cleansers, Moisturisers, Lotions, Serums, Herbal Soaps, Glycerin Soapbase, Body Care Products, Natural Baby Care products, Hair Care and Home Care products.

With a creative and bold Managing Director and a Dynamic Team, MMSB is optimist in achieving the company’s vision to become The Largest Malaysian Corporation producing HALAL Skincare, Personal Care and Home Care Products to the World. InshaALLAH.