Claymiff Liquid Clay 250g

RM 12.70

Claymiff Liquid Clay 250g

RM 12.70

ClayMIFF as active clay proven kill 99.9% of bacteria & germ.

Direction to use

Begin by reading Basmalah. Remove the najs and clean the affected area throughly by letting water run through to get rid of colour, smell and taste of the najs. shake ClayMIFF Liquid Clay (Extra Clean) bottle before use. Rinse and wash ClayMIFF Liquid Clay (Extra Clean) one time. Repeat the rinse and wash 6 times by normal water. ClayMIFF Liquid Clay (Extra Clean) is a Techno Syariah Green Cleening Solution developed in collaboration with local universities and Halal Science Lab.

Clay process as the main active ingredient for the purpose of samak/seru for muslim use.

Claymiff is made using pure and high quality clay and its shows that it can eliminate micro organisms in particular harmful bacteria found in major impurities up to 99.9%.

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